January 19, 2010

93 S. La Grange Rd., La Grange, IL 60525

Breaktfast, Lunch, & Dinner ($8-$30 per entree)

Last Friday night we dined at Prasino; we had no reservation but it was only about a 20 minute wait.  One thing we really liked about this place was the large waiting area, filled with chairs and magazines. There is nothing worse than being stuffed shoulder-to-shoulder while waiting to be seated. Once we were seated the waitress came over to take our drink orders, she was very friendly, but she also seemed to be very busy because we did not see her often. I ordered an Oogave organic soda (Mandarian Key-Lime) and Chris ordered a cocktail. They have very unique, yet tasty cocktails. Next, we ordered the Grilled Fresh Monterey Calamari, and it was delicious. As the name explains, the Calamari was grilled, not breaded and fried, which was a nice touch. The salad of sorts that displayed the calamari was super fresh and gave a lightness to the appetizer; which is something that is typically fried as a starter.  As for entrees, we ordered the Southwest Black Bean Burger and the Sesame Crusted Line Caught Ahi Tuna. While we both enjoy knowing where our food comes from as well as knowing it was consciously caught in the case of the fish, both of our dishes were quite disappointing. We usually never complain about food being too big, but the burger was so large (and dry!) that it just crumbled before it could be consumed. The Ahi Tuna was extremely overcooked. Now don’t get us wrong, we know some people do not like to see raw fish on their plate, but if somebody is ordering ahi tuna they should be expecting it after just kissing the pan. We really wanted to like this place, not only because of the claims of commitment to healthy, organic food but the bustling downtown LaGrange area is a new find for us. Fortunately, we ended the night on a high note, with their scrumptious Pumpkin Cheesecake, which was fantastic with their addition of a 25 year old balsamic.


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