Honey Cafe

February 10, 2010

499 N. Main St., Glen Ellyn, IL 60137


Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner ($12/ person)

Let us just start off with saying that we loved Honey Café.  In fact, this was the restaurant that really got us motivated to do a blog in the first place. We went there on a Sunday afternoon (they close @ 3 on Sundays) without realizing it was almost time to close up shop, but the wait staff allowed us to come and dine anyways. Their menu is not only very extensive, but it also has a lot of unique options. It took us a while to decide! The waiter was very friendly and spent a couple of minutes telling us about the café. Their food is natural, organic, and locally grown when possible.  They also have many vegetarian options. Chris ordered the veggie burger, which was handmade and probably the biggest veggie burger either of us had ever seen. It came with a side of fries so he chose the “Honey’s Amazing Fries” and let us tell you, the name says it all. They are sweet potato fries with a special dipping sauce that was so delicious Chris has since gone back just to order the fries. These fries were “death row meal” good. I ordered the plain mac & cheese, which was made with parmesean cheese. It was very good but the portion was a little small, so I will definitely go with the truffled mac & cheese for a couple bucks more next time. Good thing Chris had enough burger to share! With our meals we also had the organic, fare trade Metropolis Coffee, which is locally roasted and very good. Our experience at Honey was amazing and we will definitely be back soon to try out their dinner menu!


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