Tavern on Rush

February 17, 2010

1031 North Rush St., Chicago, IL 60611


Breakfast, lunch ($12), & dinner ($12-40)

On Valentine’s Day we stopped by Tavern on Rush for a little lunch and a drink. It was full, but we were seated right away. It is a nice, open layout with lots of windows to the outside. It makes for good people watching, and in the summer it opens up to their patio. It took a while before we were waited on, but that is kind of expected on such a busy day. We ordered the Hot Artichoke and Crab Dip and the Margherita brick oven pizza. The pizza was the perfect size to split between two people. It was crisp and very good. The artichoke and crab dip was also good, unfortunately it was served with rock-hard bread that was impossible to bite. That was a bit disapointing. The drinks (we ordered a gin & tonic and a pomegranite martini) were well made, but pricey. However, that can also be expected when you are in the city. All-in-all the Taven on Rush was only okay. We’re not sure that we would go back again. Although they do have an extensive menu that may be worth trying, there are just way too many other restaurants around there that probably have more to offer.


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