March 3, 2010

MGM Grand Hotel & Casino 3799 Las Vegas Blvd., Las Vegas, NV 89109


Dinner ($32/ person)

We tried Diego because it was in our hotel, the MGM Grand. In the reviews in contained one “$” so we assumed it would be relatively cheap. We got there are few minutes before dinner so we sat in the bar and had a drink. They have an excellent tequila selection. When we were seated they gave us chips and salsa. It was very unique. They served three types of salsa (mild, medium, hot) and three different spices to go with the salsa. It was cool, but we weren’t exactly sure what to do with the spices. We decided to split and appetizer and an entree. We first got the Lump Crab Cocktail, which contained jumbo lump crab meat and roasted tomato salsa with avocado. For our entree we got the Seafood Pot. The Seafood Pot consisted of scallops, seafood ablondigas, black mussels, and pasta in a Lobster and Guajillo chile laced tomato broth. It was a little hard to eat because of the broth, but it was well worth the struggle. The food was delicious, but we thought that it was a little overpriced and the service could have been better. When you’re staying in a hotel with about 10 fine dinning restaurants there is no point returning to one that is not great.


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