We start tomorrow

July 22, 2012

Tomorrow is the official beginning of “100 Days of No Processed Food”. We’re looking forward to it!  We planned out our meals for the week and then yesterday we went to Whole Foods to pick up everything we needed. By planning out our meals it allows us to make some food ahead of time and it allows us to be sure that we will have all the ingredients we need (plus we don’t want to buy food and let it go to waste). Laying out our meals ahead of time also prepares us for any changes in our schedule (ie: Nikki works nights, Chris has school on Thursdays) so that we’ll still be able to stick with our plan.

Below is how we laid our our meals for this first week. We’ve already made the hard boiled eggs and our lunches for tomorrow. Tomorrow night we’ll make the whole wheat pizza (so excited!) and some of the other soups and salads for the week.

We’ll be sure to add some pictures later & let you know how our first day goes! 🙂

Week 1







Hard boiled eggs

 homemade “lunchables”


Whole wheat Pizza

Tuesday (W)

Yogurt & fruit

Yellow & cherry tomato salad

Hard boiled eggs

Vegetable gumbo & grilled cheese

Wednesday (B)


Eat @ Work

Yellow & cherry tomato leftovers

Dinner Date? ❤

Thursday ©


Veggie, Hummus Wrap

Vegetable gumbo leftover

Homemade Veggie Burger (http://allrecipes.com/recipe/homemade-black-bean-veggie-burgers/)

Friday (W)

Hard boiled egg, fruit

PB & J

Hardboiled eggs

(*CH Camping)



 Eggs/ omelets

PB & J, Sandwich, Veggie Wrap

Popcorn, fruit, trail mix

Grilled cheese, veggie burger leftovers




“lunchables”, sandwhich

Popcorn, fruit, trail mix


Edit: Here are a couple of photos…


One Response to “We start tomorrow”

  1. Good luck. 100 days is a great time-frame 😉 Kim*


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