Day 4!

July 26, 2012

The last 4 days have been great. We’ve been cooking more (well, Nikki has been cooking more, Chris has just been reaping the benefits) and trying out new recipes. The biggest challenge so far has been the temptation of other food. Today at work Chris’ company bought Giordano’s pizza…hard to pass up! Last night they also took Chris out to dinner (I know, whata lucky guy) so he had to be careful when ordering. He ordered tuna which seems like a safe, yet delicious, choice. 

This weekend we’re going camping. We’re super excited, but it presents an interesting challenge as well. We want to make sure we stick with our diet and have enough food to get us through the weekend. We decided to make our own veggie burgers (using this delicious recipe). It was so simple! We also made banana bread to use for breakfast or maybe to quench our sweet tooth as everyone else eats s’mores (simple recipe from 100 Days of Real Food). Some other things we’re bringing include eggs (both regular and hardboiled) veggies, hummus, and some left over vegetable gumbo which we made on Monday. We’re also bringing beer… lots and lots of beer. 🙂

We’ll be sure to report back after camping to let you all know how everything turned out!!

Veggie burgers (pre-baked)








banana bread…




Eggs & Veggies 




Hope you all have a good weekend!!


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