Day 10…Happy August!

August 1, 2012

We’re joyfully writing this blog as we chow down on some homemade granola with yogurt. There is something so satisfying about making all of your own food (and having it turn out well, of course). Last night we cooked the ratatouille in the slow cooker and it was wonderful to have a nice dinner waiting for us when we got home from work today. 

After dinner we made some hard boiled eggs. We’re looking forward to trying a healthy egg salad recipe that Nikki found on Pinterest. We’ll use the leftover eggs for breakfast and a healthy snack. We also made the granola. We found a very simple recipe that makes about 2 weeks worth of granola. We’ll definitely have to try to make granola bars sometime, too. 

Tomorrow, Nikki will make a summer vegetable soup and we’ll make our meal plans for the next two weeks. We’re looking forward to trying even more recipes!

Star fruit, mango & cantaloupe 












And, of course, a necessity for any good dinner…




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