Day 12!

August 3, 2012

Right now Chris is in the kitchen making strawberry lemonade. I’m a bit excited because it has been a while since I’ve had juice. I bought a nice little water bottle and have pretty much just been drinking water all day… everyday. 

It has only been 12 days since we began our challenge of “100 Days of No Processed Food”, but I already can feel some difference. I feel less tired, less sluggish. Maybe it is in my head, but either way- I feel better! That was a big reason as to why I began this challenge. Chris and I both have been trying to eat healthy for years now, it is part of the reason we’re vegetarian. Then one day it just sort of hit me that although the food may seem healthy (mostly because it was labeled “healthy” or “low fat” or “natural” on the package) it just wasn’t. 

In addition to feeling  better, I’m also really having fun cooking and baking. I love finding new recipes and playing with different flavors or ingredients. I’ve been using some of my cookbooks from home, but I’ve also been using a lot of internet resources like Pinterest!

Plus, today I weighed myself and I’ve lost 3.5 lbs. since we started this challenge! Bonus!

Today I made a summer soup. It was super easy! And it tasted better than the ratatouille. Chris asked me to stop making vegetable soups though. ha ha So, we’ll be taking a break from soups for a while. I also made egg salad, which was a bit difficult since I couldn’t use mayonnaise or mustard. However, I used plain yogurt (a great substitute) and hot sauce just to change it up. 

Hope everyone has a good weekend! I’ll be spending most of mine at work. — Nikki






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