Day 18! (What a week!)

August 9, 2012

As we said in our last post, we’ve been dog-sitting/ house sitting all week and it is really nice to have a kitchen all to ourselves. On Tuesday, we used the extra shrimp we had to make shrimp tacos. Delicious! I found this recipe for simple shrimp tacos online. We added cheese, guacamole, and salsa to our tacos, too. Ya know, just to fatten’ em up! 😉 These tacos were seriously good and seriously easy. They’re also a nice change from the usual black bean tacos we eat. 

Last night Chris and I went on a long overdue date night. We decided on a restaurant we’ve been wanting to try for a while now, Green Zebra. The restaurant’s focus is locally produced fruits and vegetables so you know what that means, no meat! It was wonderful to read through a menu and be able to chose from ANYTHING on it. Well, almost anything. We we’re staying non-processed after all.  The menu is made up of small plates, so you should order about 3 items per person (of course, Chris ordered four, plus dessert). One of our favorite items on the menu was a mushroom pate, served with spring onion marmalade and pickled cucumber. It was an earthy, complex dish that left us craving more. 

Unfortunately, the battery in our camera died. So, we won’t be able to take pictures until the weekend. 😦





Also, just wanted to show off Chris’ french onion soup… the finished product!



We’re making a broccoli chowder this weekend… stay tuned! 


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