Day 35! (The beginning of TUNA WEEK!)

August 26, 2012

We sit here writing this post as we chow down on some corn soup (and while watching White Collar). This soup is delicious and perfect for a rainy Chicago day like today.  We didn’t use Chipotle peppers but we added enough peppers and spices to give it a good kick!

Today, after conquering Whole Foods, we also made chocolate zucchini bread, guacamole, and chocolate syrup (to make chocolate milk!). A pretty interesting combination, we know! Tomorrow starts Nikki’s first week of nursing school (the last semester!) so we’re expecting things to get a little chaotic. Therefore, we’re really working on making Sunday our main cooking and “prep” day for the week. Also, for those of you not on Pinterest yet, we highly recommend signing up. It is a great way to find awesome recipes and creative blogs!

As usual, below are some pics… we’ll post some recipes later (just. too. damn. tired).

Chocolate Syrup


Chris’ Guacamole


Chocolate Zucchini Bread



Spicy Corn Soup



And as the title states… this week is TUNA WEEK! Meaning, we will be making a number of dishes surrounding tuna (duh!). Tomorrow, we will make tuna tacos! Yum!


One Response to “Day 35! (The beginning of TUNA WEEK!)”

  1. zomg. chocolate zucchini bread! day one of my detox and you’re killing me!

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