Day 59! (Pizza Success!!!)

September 19, 2012

Tonight, Chris and I are very happy because we have successfully made by far our best pizza yet! It’s all in the crust, baby! Chris gets credit for using this site to make the perfect crust. Since we do not have a food processor to really knead the dough, we had to find an alternative. The simplest way to do it is to let the dough sit overnight. We also put the dough in the over for 2 minutes BEFORE putting on the toppings and cooking the pizza all together. We cut some tomatoes, onions, garlic, green peppers, Parmesan cheese and… goat cheese! Delicious. And really, trust me when I say it’s all in the crust!




In addition to the pizza we made tonight, last night we made some sweet potato tacos. We loosely followed the recipe but they turned out really well. The mix of the sweet potatoes and the spicy peppers was wonderful. Take a look!


Monday night we made Butternut Squash Soup. We got the recipe here. I was in the mood for something lighter, like a soup. The soup was great and we have a ton of leftovers which I love. That means we can have a change from the same old PB&J or cheese sandwich for our lunches. We also have a TON of leftover butternut squash since Chris but a 7.5 lb squash! That’s okay though, guess we’ll just have to find another recipe!  No picture of the soup because we woofed it down too quickly! 🙂

Lastly, we also made an eggplant casserole. We used this recipe which SOUNDED good but after we mixed in all the vegetables and bread crumbs we realized it was missing one important thing..liquid. It looked so dry! So, we added some vegetable broth we had in our pantry and it turned out amazing! Crisis adverted! I think this would make a great Thanksgiving dish! 





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